Manage Assumptions
to Ensure Project Success

Our Software and Consulting Are Based on the Concepts of Discovery-Driven Planning

A project cannot be successful unless it is based upon a good business plan, and for that reason many believe that the more detailed a project’s plan is the more likely the project will be successful. However, it does not matter how detailed the plan is if its underlying assumptions are ambiguous because moving a project ahead while misunderstanding its base assumptions can lead to catastrophic failure. Yet, even though the results of a business plan are uncertain many projects proceed as if these results are a foregone conclusion. That results are uncertain must be acknowledged, and a project’s assumptions must be properly managed. These assumptions can be managed using Discovery-Driven Planning and Strategic Decision Management.

Discovery-Driven Planning and Strategic Decision Management help in setting realistic goals and understanding the necessary conditions to achieve them. These theories support better business decision making under uncertainty, as well as promote the flexibility to make any necessary mid-project strategic changes. Adopting them will help increase project success rates, avoid catastrophic failures, optimize project portfolios, and to confidently discuss plans and make proposals.

Based on the concepts of:

Dr. MacMillan
Integratto Business Simulation Forum on Dec 10, 2013

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